Attorney at law, partner

Kazys Pėdnyčia

Vilnius University

Attorney Kazys Pėdnyčia represents clients in courts of all instances, and in pre-trial investigation institutions. Attorney K. Pėdnyčia mainly specialises in criminal law, but also represents clients in civil and administrative cases.

  1. Pėdnyčia started his lawyer’s practice back in 2001.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Kazys Pėdnyčia had many years of experience in various law enforcement institutions, including, in leading positions (1997-2000 Prosecutor General of the Republic of Lithuania, 1993-1997 Deputy Director General of the State Security Department, 1992-1993 Supreme Customs Officer of the Republic of Lithuania; 1991-1992 Supreme Court Judge, 1984-1991 Head of the Prosecutor’s Supervision Office of the Lithuanian Correctional Institutions, 1976-1984 Deputy Prosecutor of Panevėžys City, 1971-1976 Interrogator at Kėdainiai District Prosecutor’s Office.

Kazys Pėdnyčia has a Master’s Degree in Law from Vilnius University, Faculty of Law, 1972.